A splash of trajectory

The splash in the figure above might look like a bored child’s coloring, but it is in fact the trajectory of a standalone synchronous machine showing a stable equilibrium point. The trajectory of a system is the set of values that the states of the system take as time goes forward. It is a useful […]

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Stalled Destroyers

So the USS Zumwalt – the new tip of the spear for the Destroyers – suffered a stall earlier in the week in the Panama Canal. The information out thereĀ is more or less circumspect as to the cause, but faulty bearings in the drive train were mentioned. Apparently, according to the same article, there have […]

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Inflation of the cost of knowledge

I was reading a paper today entitled, “Generalized Averaging Method for Power Conversion Circuits” written by some brilliant engineers in 1991. This paper is published in the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) which is a professional association said to be the world’s largest body of technical professionals (hey, Wikipedia said it –Ā https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Institute_of_Electrical_and_Electronics_Engineers – […]

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I discovered the term ‘Monster-Barring’ today while reviewing degenerate eigenvalues on Wolfram OnlineĀ (these are essentially eigenvalues that repeat). It was first coined by a Hungarian Mathematician namedĀ Lakatos (1976) to refer to the ‘refining of a hypothesis to remove bad counterexamples’. Naturally, this grabbed my attention as it sounded a lot like the No-True-Scotsman fallacy. A […]

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Art from abstraction

I find that some of the more interesting art forms arise from concepts and measurement of physical quantities (things, as Lord Kelvin said, that can be expressed in numbers) plotted on a set of axis. Here is a partial root locus of a standalone steam-turbine generator system with governor. This looks like an abstract drawing […]

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Campus Preview Weekend

I am certainly no freshman, but you don’t have to be one to have had your attention caught by the Campus Preview Weekend events these past couple of days at the MIT campus. I felt nice and happy to see all the new young faces with wide smiles and with so much passion and hopes […]

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Battlefield 3 (Xbox 360)

At some point, I was just like, “Hey I gotta sample this Battlefield which everyone on the internet is talking about”. I had to at least have an idea of why the FPS fan base is split in to two violent clans that are almost at each other’s throats: The COD (just in case some […]

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